Parking Lot and Roadway Painting, Striping & Pavement Marking Services
Keeping your parking lot looking fresh is important for safety and organization outside of your business. The benefits to re-striping your parking lots include improving safety for pedestrians and drivers, improves visibility, as well as enhances the appeal of your business which can be a very important key to success. We also provide unmatched quality and service in pavement marking. We specialize in various types of durable, permanent and temporary pavement marking installations. We offer state of the art equipment, highly skilled personnel, and the capacity to perform jobs ranging from small parking lots to long-line roadway striping.
Sign Installation 
We provide installation expertise that properly specs and plans simple to complex custom signing to ensure the job will meet all federal, state, and local specifications. On signage jobs, our shops will then manufacture top quality signage, meeting all appropriate MUTCD and local standards, to be installed by our highly trained and experienced installation crews. Whether your needs are street, highway, parking lot, subdivision development, airport, rail, public or private, The Barricade Company is the best choice for permanent and temporary sign installations.