Relocating Playground to St. Judes Ranch for Children

On Saturday May 14th, The Barricade Company, Terra Contracting, and Galt Development showed up with Los Vaqueros Las Vegas to salvage two playgrounds from Boys and Girls Club and deliver a playground to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. It was a great volunteer turn out and hard work. Thank you all for your efforts in making Las Vegas a better community and helping these organizations continue to serve their mission.

Pedestrian Trench Plates – Open Trench Solution

Oxford pedestrian trench plates deliver on that promise. Designed for pedestrian traffic, they make your jobs safer and reduce the liability of anyone falling into open trenches.

Nuances of Governing Entities

When it comes to traffic control plans and setting up in the public right-of-way, it is key to know and understand the governing entities you are dealing with.