The Barricade Company now rents pedestrian barrier systems for use through out Southern Nevada. We offer heavy-duty guard rails and water filled barriers to ensure pedestrian traffic is kept safe and controlled.

Heavy Duty Fixed-Foot Steel Pedestrian Guard Rail

Our heavy-duty pedestrian guard rails are perfect for use on construction sites, as well as for traffic management and special events. Their simple interlocking design features sturdy fixed feet, and their light weight makes for easy transport and quick set-up.

Product Specifications:
Color: Silver
Height: 44”
Length: 7’5”
Width: 18”
Material: Hot-dipped galvanized steel
Weight: 34lbs


  Water-Filled Barrier Rail

Water filled barrier rails are great for use on and off construction sites. When empty, they are easy to move and fast to deploy with easy-to-link sides. They create a strong fortification when properly filled.

Product Specifications:
Color: Orange
Height: 42”
Length: 72”
Width: 24” at the bottom, 10” at the top
Material: Plastic
Weight: 100 LBS (when empty), 1,350 LBS (when filled with water)