Traffic Control

The Barricade Company has had extensive experience performing a large variety of traffic control services. Depending on the needs and requests of our customers, we can provide:

Single and multiple
lane closures

Half street and full street road closures


Freeway closures

Flagger set-ups
and more

For each type of lane closure, our customers have the option of either a “Set & Leave Closure” or a “Monitored Closure” designed and implemented to exceed both the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and individual governing entity specifications.


The Barricade Company can help with the simplest to the most complicated projects by developing safe, easy to read, and cost-effective traffic control plans. Our computerized traffic control plans are clear, legible, precise and detailed and provide the permanent documentation that’s so critical in today’s business environment.


As one of Nevada’s most reputable traffic safety and events companies, The Barricade Company delivers the right equipment, certified expertise, and team of experienced professionals to successfully execute your next event. We are available to support events of all sizes that require road closures, routes for pedestrians, and detours. Safety and organization are major concerns at any special event, so let our planning experience and expert staff ensure that your next event runs smoothly. We can provide a cost-effective solution to meet your needs, and we offer free quotes.